Computer Science + Electrical Engineering @ MIT

About Me

I'm passionate about building software systems, as well as the hardware that powers them.

Currently, I'm studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (6-2) at MIT (my CV is here). I also work in the Mechatronics Research Laboratory as a Undergraduate Research Assistant.

In Summer 2023, I wrote software as an Engineering Intern at Iridium Satellite, a company that provides satellite-based communications services.

  • Software-wise, I'm interested in full-stack development, data engineering, and interactive visualizations.
  • Hardware-wise, I'm interested in nano-fabrication, digital systems, and hardware security.
  • My other interests include atmospheric and ocean sciences, public infrastructure, and digital humanities.

Software Projects

Hardware Projects

    Currently, I am working on:
  • Fabricating nano-cantilevers (see picture) with microfluidic channels for AFM-based nano 3D-printing

  • Creating ADS-B processing modules in SystemVerilog to process aircraft surveillance data in real-time on Xlinix FPGA

  • My past projects include:
  • Fabricating and testing silicon solar cells in MIT.nano

  • Characterizing the mechanical properties of IP-S, a common photo-polymer used for in 2-Photon Polymerization 3D printing.

  • Devising improved RISC-V branch prediction schemes using Bluespec SystemVerilog

Other Things